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General information about the IIUM.

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Detailed information and statistics.

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Corperate informations.

Statistical Report


Setara Performance

Rating System for Malaysian Higher Education Institutions (SETARA) is a ranking exercise universities and university colleges in Malaysia based on the quality of teaching and learning at the level of six (bachelor's degree) Malaysian Qualifications Framework (Malaysian Qualifications Framework MQF).


Physical (Jasmani), Emotional (Emosi), Spiritual (Rohani), and Intelectual (Intelek).

Research Assessment

Research information.


MyMohes KPT is an information system developed for the purpose of integrating and improving the quality of UA data. Was first developed in 2006 for the purpose to integrate and improve the quality of data with the goal UA UA data can be achieved in a simple, fast and accurate.

1) Student module (data transmission on June and December per year)
2) Module staff (data transmission June and December per year)
3) Module R & D & C (transmission data of June and December per year)
4) Module Information Society (through the year)